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BNL7+® - Water-based stone sealer

  • Contents: 1000L
  • EAN: 7435139220228
  • For walls and facades. 
  • Impregnating facades made of brick, sand-lime brick, concrete, plaster, aerated concrete, natural stone, joints and roof tiles.
  • Sealing natural stone, such as sandstone used in monuments and old buildings.
This product contains at least 7% active substance

Product sheet

More information and orders
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BNL7+ is a stone sealer for masonry facades based on silanes/siloxanes and high-quality additives. After use, the product is invisible, highly water-repellent and remarkably durable. BNL7 belongs to the latest generation of stone sealers. It reacts with the substrate at the micro level and bonds closely to mineral substrates. It penetrates deep into porous brickwork and forms a highly hydrophobic, weather-resistant seal. BNL7+ is based on a unique formula that repels moisture very quickly once dry.

Product Features
  • Unique formula
  • Water based and solvent free
  • Safe to use and virtually odorless
  • Can be used at temperatures as low as 5°C
  • Invisible after treatment
  • Repels moisture quickly once dry
  • Excellent penetration into the substrate
  • Prevents rain from penetrating
  • Vapour-open masonry
  • Breathable, does not retain moisture
  • Indirectly improves insulation value
  • UV-resistant and non-yellowing
  • Reduces mould formation and efflorescence
  • Increases the lifespan of facades
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