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BNL IC® - Injection cream (per box)

BNL IC<sup>®</sup>
€ 840,00 (excl. VAT)
Online ordering is only possible in the Netherlands and Belgium. Prices may differ outside the Netherlands and Belgium. For more information please contact us.
  • Contents: 550 milliliter
  • EAN: 9504564299456

Note: price is per box of 12 sausages!

  • Developed for combating rising damp in masonry walls.
  • Penetrates optimally into the substrate.
  • A powerful ready-to-use cream.
  • Invisible and provides extremely durable protection.

 Operating Manual  Product sheet

BNL IC, a ready-to-use cream based on silanes and siloxanes that effectively combats rising damp in masonry walls. Thanks to innovative technology, BNL IC penetrates deep into the substrate. The injected agent reacts chemically with the bricks and cementitious mortar, making them water repellent. This reduces capillary suction in the pores and prevents rising damp. Suitable for walls with high moisture content.

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